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Engine Maintenance Q & A

How often should I bring watercraft in for an oil change?

Every manufacturer is different, but we recommend every year during winterizing.


How often should u-joints be serviced?

Every 1 – 3 years depending on the model.


With an inboard engine, How often should the transmission fluid be changed?

It should be checked annually and changed every other year.


How do I prevent the lower unit from corroding?

To prevent external lower unit corrosion, anodes should be changed every 2 – 3 years.


How often should the water pump/impeller be replaced?

It is recommended to replace them every 2 years year.


If there is a small ding in the prop, Do I have to buy a new one?

Typically no, most props can be rebuilt to factory spec for much less than new.


How often should the engine be tuned-up?

Varies by model, but every other year is good practice.