Engine Maintenance

How often should I bring watercraft in for an oil change?

Every manufacturer is different, but we recommend every year during winterizing.


How often should u-joints be serviced?

Every 1 – 3 years depending on the model.


With an inboard engine, How often should the transmission fluid be changed?

It should be checked annually and changed every other year.


How do I prevent the lower unit from corroding?

To prevent external lower unit corrosion, anodes should be changed every 2 – 3 years.


How often should the water pump/impeller be replaced?

It is recommended to replace them every 2 years year.


If there is a small ding in the prop, Do I have to buy a new one? 

Typically no, most props can be rebuilt to factory spec for much less than new.


How often should the engine be tuned-up?

Varies by model, but every other year is good practice.


How often should my fiberglass boat be buffed out and waxed?

Ideally, buffed and waxed in the spring and a secondary coat of wax mid-summer.


Is it necessary to have zebra mussels removed from my boat?

Yes, state law mandates that all boats from infested waters must be decontaminated.    DNR (bodies of infested water)

Paint and Varnish

I have anti-fouling bottom paint on my boat, how often should this be repainted.

Every 2 – 4 years depending on the type of paint needed.


Can teak be varnished?

Yes, we have special products formulated for teak.


How often should I varnish my boat?

There are many variable factors to be considered.  For the best advice, please give us a call.


How often should a painted wood boat be recoated?

Typically, 3 – 5 years.


What should be done to prolong the paint or varnish on my watercraft?

When it is not in use, keep it covered and clean.

Plywood and Lumber

If I purchase plywood or lumber from you, will you cut it to size for me?

Yes, give us your specs and we will have it ready for you to pick up.


Do you deliver plywood?

Only orders for units of 100 sheets or more can be shipped.