BS 1088 (Hydrotek)

4’ x 8’

Strong – Medium Density – Easy to Work – Hull Components – Floors – Bulkhead

BS 1088 Hydrotek is a multi-ply marine plywood that is superior to all standard Meranti plywood currently produced.  Both face and inner plies are constructed from whole piece, color matched, Meranti veneers.  Hydrotek is used in boat building applications where only the best will do.  Hydrotek’s durable rating will ensure that you are using a marine plywood that will last a lifetime.

BS 1088 presents a solid surface that is free from open defects and knots.  The veneers are free from irregular grain.  Boards can be sanded on both sides.  Hydrotek has excellent machining properties as it can be easily sawn and bored leaving smooth edges.  It also has good nailing and screw-holding properties and is easy to stain and glue.

Hydrotek Meranti has superior durability and insulation properties compared to other timbers commonly used in marine applications.  Due to the multi-ply construction, its strength properties are superior to other marine plywood available.

Face Veneers:  No structural defects allowed/Appearance grade face and back, color matched.

Core Veneers:  All core veneers are comprised of whole piece veneers ensuring absolutely no core voids.

Glue:  WBP (Phenolic)

Bending Strength:  92    N/mm2

Modules of Elasticity:  11400   N/mm2

Compression Parallel to Grain:  52.9   N/mm2

Impact Strength:  0.74

Durability:  Durable

Movement:  Stable

Working Properties:  Good


3mm   (1/8”) – 3 ply

4mm   (5/32”) – 3 ply

6mm   (1/4”) – 5 ply

9mm   (3/8”) – 5 ply

12mm   (1/2”) – 7 ply

15mm   (5/8”) – 9 ply

18mm   (3/4” – 11 ply

21mm   (7/8”) – 13 ply

25mm   (1”) – 15 ply